Month: January 2019

January 18, 2019

R&D Tax Credits – Don’t spoil all your good work with a poor submission to HMRC – Tip 8

Having identified all qualifying R&D projects and their associated expenditure, there’s the third stage, the successful submission of a well-presented claim, and one that meets HMRC requirements.

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January 15, 2019

Cern plans even larger hadron collider for physics search

Cern has published its ideas for a £20bn successor to the Large Hadron Collider, given the working name of Future Circular Collider (FCC).

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January 9, 2019

Are you identifying all qualifying R&D Tax Credit expenditure? – Tip 7

Identifying qualifying R&D may be the hardest part of completing a R&D Tax Credit claim, but there are a number of potential issues you need to consider when calculating qualifying expenditure. Here are just a few examples:

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January 8, 2019

Helping hand to set up new businesses

A new government service allowing start-ups to jointly register their company and register for tax has been used 200,000 times.

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January 3, 2019

Optimise R&D Tax Credit claims – Don’t maximise them! – Tip 6

An optimised R&D tax credit claim relies on identifying all those projects that qualify – it doesn’t mean throwing in the kitchen sink just to make the numbers look good.

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