About Us

Our History

Unlike many of our competitors MSC R&D has been supporting R&D technology companies for a quarter of a century. Building on our history as the UK expert provider of assistance in obtaining R&D grants, we have expanded our service range as new reliefs become available. We have built up a team of specialist consultants with real expertise in numerous areas of technology and are able to structure and present grant applications and R&D Tax Relief claims authoritatively to maximise your benefit, while giving you the confidence that your application/claim is well founded and fully defensible. We believe our consultants are the best in the business and our service is second to none. Our long history has been built on a reputation for reliability and securing real and lasting benefits for our clients.

Our ethos of wishing to be paid on results provides our clients low risk, fast-track integrated processes.

Our Business

If you just want help in preparing a R&D Tax relief claim or an R&D grant application, we are an expert provider. However our knowledge of R&D goes much deeper than many of our competitors and we also understand the issues around financing, developing, resourcing and marketing new technology based products. This means our tax relief and grant conversations can be much more informative, but also means that we can provide support through the whole life-cycle of your technology product development.

Our R&D client base; built on the strength of word-of-mouth referrals and the ability to nurture long-term relationships, now boasts some of the UK’s most innovative companies, all in high-technology sectors, from software development and advanced manufacturing to biotech and oil and gas. Many of these R&D companies have worked with MSC R&D on a number of projects over several years.

Our results speak for themselves :

  • Over £180,000,000 funding raised, facilitated by leading edge innovative R&D projects
  • Millions of pounds of R&D Tax Relief claimed though hundreds of client projects
  • Successful sourcing of key competent R&D people for our clients

Our People

The success of MSC R&D is undoubtedly testament to the calibre of people we have in our team. We believe that our clients deserve to deal with people of a similar level of experience and expertise. On every project we bring together the appropriate team of leading analysts, each an expert in their field. Empowered with the latest skills and current industry knowledge, our people have the experience to quickly gain a deep understanding of our clients’ strategies, enabling us to provide the right solutions to add real value. Each MSC R&D accredited analyst undergoes a rigorous MSC R&D accreditation process, as also used by MSC Interims – our R&D resourcing service, which enables us to match each analyst’s skills to the client. Visit Our Team to see the range of skills and experience within our team.