Building a strong R&D Tax Credit business in the Construction Industry

The Construction industry is one that has seen great demand for MSC R&D’s R&D Tax Credit services in recent months, with five new clients signed up and refunds averaging £35k.

With these clients there is a common theme in that they have all assumed or have been told in the past that they are not eligible to make a R&D Tax Credit claim.

Partly this is due to the industry as, like engineering companies, construction firms do not consider a lot of what they do as being innovative, it’s just ‘what they do’ and they rarely stop to think as to how much innovation is going into some of their projects.

Where MSC R&D work differently is to ask them for details of the work they do, their processes and their projects, rather than ask them what R&D they do. This way we are able to use our skill in judging if and where the R&D is in their processes and projects and build up a claim with them from there. After all, MSC R&D’s job is to identify and qualify the R&D and this process ensures the claims are relevant and complete with nothing missed or incorrectly included.

Another aspect of preparing these claims is flexibility. Construction firms are often structured differently to, say, software companies in that they have several project managers all of whom tend to be out on site for the majority of their time and hence pinning them all down to be in the same office on the same day is generally impossible. For this reason MSC R&D uses a mixture of on-site and remote meetings in order to interview all the relevant personnel and put the claims together.

Just some of the qualifying projects we have been able to claim for on behalf of our clients include:

  • Pre-installed steel framing system development
  • Bespoke connectivity – joining new buildings to older ones
  • Silty water removal technology
  • Turbine wind farm pads and tracks
  • The overcoming of live airfield restrictions in construction projects
  • Acoustic isolation
  • The addition of a modern extension to a listed building
  • Renovation of the roof of a castle

In all the above cases the process has run smoothly from MSC R&D’s and the clients’ perspectives and the clients have been pleasantly surprised at the ease in which the claim was prepared and of course the final outcome.

Our most recent client in this sector is an architectural company who design and oversee large construction projects.  Architects are again a sector of the Construction industry which historically has not fully realised the potential for claiming R&D Tax Credits – BUT with MSC R&D’s help, this is beginning to change!

Construction is just one of the sectors MSC R&D specialises in providing R&D Tax Credit services to.

If you feel your company might be missing out in this area, contact us on 0114 230 8401.