Capital Allowances

August 15, 2018

Late Capital Allowance Claim

A property capital allowance claim isn’t purely calculating the value of property embedded fixtures & fittings that qualify for tax relief, we feel it’s just as important to understand how a claim can best be applied to a clients tax position.

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August 3, 2018

R&D Tax Relief – Are you getting value for money from your advisor?

Because of the specialised knowledge required to make a R&D Tax Credit claim, many companies use an advisor. The choice of such an advisor is very important as there exists wide variations in fees, service levels and competency.

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July 11, 2018

Have your premises benefitted from a PEFFs review?

If you own your commercial premises or have incurred investment on a leased property in recent years, then PEFFs is a term you may grow to know and love.

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