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Use your business’s strengths to optimise your funding strategy

Equity funding has a strong role to play in certain businesses at certain points in time and most businesses seek to achieve a mix of both debt and equity financing. A business that has secured equity will tend to be looked upon more favourably by lenders.

However, equity financing has its disadvantages, primarily the need for the founders to sacrifice some control and share of the business, reducing the potential for future capital growth. It also can be a very expensive and time consuming process. Equity funds should be considered strategically when in a position of strength, so as to minimise the dilution of the business.

Non-dilution funding (i.e. funding without relinquishing shares) can be a realistic and achievable alternative to equity funding. Loans from lenders and banks add value without diluting equity, allowing you to fund the next step in your company’s growth path to success while maintaining your stake in the business.

The overall cost of loan repayments plus interest charges can be considerably lower than the potential cost of a stake in the business handed over to equity funders.

MSC R&D’s funding success is achieved through our combined proficiency within both the financial services and technology sectors. We have the ability to build a complete understanding of your R&D business, to match lenders from our diverse pool of resources to different funding requirements and to formulate propositions that will provide all the answers to the questions that the banks and lenders are going to be asking.

With the majority of our fees based on results, MSC R&D take the pain and risk out of obtaining funding.

Funding Products

MSC R&D’s in-depth knowledge of the lenders active in the technology sector enables us to offer our clients the widest range of funding products, to match differing funding requirements.

Bank Finance

  • Overdrafts
  • Short, medium and long term loans
  • Government guaranteed loans
  • Debt
  • European loans

Asset Finance

  • Asset acquisitions
  • Property sale & lease back
  • Commercial mortgage
  • Leasing
  • Hire purchase

Business Finance

  • Reduction in the cost of Non-Conformance
  • Sales Channel
  • Re-negotiation of Equity Investors terms and conditions
  • Non core business divestment
  • Asset divestment
  • Technology partners

Equity Finance

  • Business Angel
  • High net-worth individuals
  • Venture capital


  • Business valuations
  • Asset valuations

Capital Finance

  • Economic Regional Development finance

Other Finance

  • Subsidised resource – business development and project focussed
  • Balance sheet re-engineering

The Funding Process

To ensure we identify the most appropriate business funding solutions for our clients, MSC R&D follows a proven process:

Business Review – Due Diligence

Strategy Scenarios

Business Growth Funding Options for each Strategy Scenario

Tax Planning

Business Plans – Business Growth Strategy

Engage in discussions with Potential Funders

Negotiate with chosen Funders

Obtain Business Funding

Business Funding – The MSC R&D Team Way

In fast moving technology sectors, companies need to be able access funding when they need it, at the lowest cost and with the minimum disruption to their day-to-day business activities.

MSC R&D’s approach, implemented by experienced, proven teams and our ‘fast track blitz’ methodologies and processes, ensures that we can access the best deals, maximising the value of potential funding, and delivering it in the shortest possible timescales.

Starting the process with a short but intensive business review which results in a clear action plan, our team uses its knowledge and experience to fast track the Funding Process. Acting as our client’s partner we take the lead role in discussions and negotiations, presenting technology propositions in a way that funders understand, and minimising the impact on your time.

The majority of our fees are paid-on-results, thereby minimising the risk and cost to our clients and ensuring your peace of mind.

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