R&D Exploitation

Are You Maximising the Potential of your Intellectual Property?

All R&D businesses create Intellectual Property (IP) and this can include patents, trademarks, copyright (computer software), registered design knowledge and trade secrets.

IP can be a company’s most valuable asset, especially for technology SMEs and yet a recent survey by the Patent Office revealed that only 4% of companies have an IP policy.

When planning its innovation strategy, it is essential a company considers how best to protect and exploit the IP it will create, and how to structure the business in order to realise maximum potential from the IP, saving business tax during the course of the trade and also on exit from the company.

Registering and protecting IP can be an expensive task and should only be undertaken if quantified future benefits can be identified through protecting market share growth and/or licensing opportunities for example.

MSC R&D understands the importance that IP strategy plays in the development of a successful Innovation strategy and has over 20 years’ experience in this area within the technology sector. Our financial, technical and marketing specialists can guide you through the complete process, ensuring that your investment in IP delivers maximum benefits, from both a market exploitation and a tax efficiency perspective.

IP Audits

Before any R&D technology company begins to develop and implement an IP strategy, it is essential they assess their current position in terms of ownership and protection. Historical agreements, or the lack of them, may not offer the company sufficient protection going forward.

MSC R&D can undertake a thorough review of a client’s current IP situation, including:

  • Reviewing and reporting on existing IP agreements, covering:
    • Employees
    • Subcontractors
    • Sales agents
    • Introducers
    • Suppliers
    • Technology partners
    • Collaborators
    • Academic partners
    • Licensees
    • Service providers
    • Professional service providers
  • Reviewing and reporting on existing IP protection and Risk Exposure
  • Reviewing Copyright protection
  • Reviewing Trade Mark protection

IP Strategy

Having established a client’s current position, MSC R&D can provide the necessary expertise and resource to assist in researching and developing any future IP strategy. Services include:

  • Investigating and reporting on the business need for Patent protection, on a territorial basis
  • Providing IP valuations and Return on Investment statements
  • Undertaking research and analysis into:
    • IP competitors
    • IP innovation drivers
    • IP market sector drivers
  • Developing IP R&D strategies

Once our client’s IP strategy has been defined, MSC R&D can take on the complex and time consuming task of developing new agreements to protect IP in all business relationships. This can include:

  • Undertaking the Patent process, in partnership with MSC R&D’s Patent Attorney professionals
  • Undertaking a process of protecting Copyright and Trade Marks, and reducing IP risk exposure.
  • Undertaking Trade Mark and Design Marks registration in partnership with MSC R&D Trade Mark professionals.

IP Strategy Implementation

MSC R&D’s expertise and knowledge of the markets our clients operate in enables us to provide full support to our clients in the development and implementation of major IP strategies, in particular:

IP Licensing

IP Licensing is a proven strategy for fast and low risk exploitation. MSC R&D can identify suitable licensees and negotiate the most favourable agreements

Collaborators and Partners

Sometimes it is necessary to work with companies with complementary technology skills in order to realise future R&D objectives. MSC R&D can identify suitable companies and ensure our client’s interests are fully protected.

Channel Development

MSC R&D can research and identify the most appropriate channels to market and negotiate suitable agreements.

R&D Acquisitions

MSC R&D can undertake a full Business Growth Strategy Review, identifying potential acquisition candidates that will strengthen our client’s R&D strategy.

MSC R&D will then prepare a detailed Acquisition Prospectus, agree the Acquisition Strategy with our client and implement as necessary.

R&D Divestment

When a client is seeking to exit from a particular R&D strategy, MSC R&D can also undertake a similar exercise to the acquisition process, with the final part of the process being focussed on Divestment.

R&D Exploitation – The MSC R&D Team Way

In the highly competitive technology sector, developing and implementing an effective IP strategy is a complex, expensive and time consuming task – the reasons why most companies fail to do it properly.

MSC R&D’s approach, implemented by experienced proven teams and our ‘fast track blitz’ methodologies and processes, ensures that we can assess your current situation, research, develop and, most importantly, implement IP strategies that support your high growth business plans in the shortest possible timescales.

Acting as our client’s partner we take the lead role in discussions and negotiations, presenting technology propositions in a way that potential stakeholders understand, and minimising the impact on your time.

The majority of our fees are paid-on-results, thereby minimising the risk and cost to our clients and ensuring peace of mind.