MSC R&D Team Way

Underpinning every piece of work MSC R&D does for its clients is the MSC R&D ‘Team Way’ – an approach based on the core MSC R&D principles of experienced proven teams and our ‘fast track blitz’ methodologies and processes, working in partnership with our clients, and on a Paid-on-Results basis.

The MSC R&D Team Way delivers strong business growth in the shortest possible timescales, whilst minimising cost and risk.

Partnership Approach

At MSC R&D we believe in developing long term relationships with our clients, working together throughout the innovation life cycle – from planning to exit. This enables us to understand your business in depth, complementing your management team, and delivering better long term results.

Relationship options with our clients include:

  • Partnership
  • Knowledge Provider and Expert Advisor (Strategic Mentoring)
  • Business  Analysts
  • Facilitators

Our fee structures range from a retainer-based to a 100% contingency-based relationship.

Expert Teams

For every client project undertaken MSC R&D has the capability to bring together the appropriate team from our network of leading R&D  technical; financial; marketing; legal and HR analysts. Each of these is an expert in his/her field and speaks the language of our clients.

Each of these experts has been fully immersed in the MSC R&D ‘Team Way’ philosophy and principles.

The ‘Fast Track Blitz’

At the heart of MSC’s R&D services is our Blitz methodology. Employed consistently our expert team experience allows us to complete all processes within the optimum time scales and with the maximum impact. Our time with clients is spent on short intensive Blitz Days, within which we extract and assimilate the relevant information from the client. This minimises the disruption to our clients’ schedules and allows them to focus their time on their core business activities.

Whether it is applying for research and development grants or other types of funding, preparing r & d tax credit claims, or developing the optimum resourcing and protection strategies, MSC R&D’s approach minimises our client’s  time commitment and maximises their chances of success.

Paid-on-Results Based Culture

The majority of work that MSC R&D undertakes is on a ‘Paid-on-Results’ basis. This approach applies to everyone within the MSC R&D Team, ensuring that we are totally focussed on delivering our clients the results they need in the shortest possible time frames, minimising risk and cost.