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MSC R&D’s expertise and background in technology has enabled it to build an extensive client and collaborative partner portfolio.
This includes many leading academic institutions.

INVESTORS – The Key to Successful Investments

Clarity and understanding of an organisation’s software engineering, architectures and software methodologies is critical when making investments in technology enabled sectors.

MSC R&D’s Technical Due Diligence services deliver this clarity and understanding.

MSC R&D provides ‘pre-investment’ support to third parties (e.g. Banks, VC’s, Private Equity companies, etc) who themselves require clarity and understanding of an organisations software engineering, architectures and software methodologies when engaging with ICT companies.

Why choose MSC R&D?

MSC R&D are BVCA members who have been supporting innovation and technology development in high growth, knowledge-based businesses since 1990. Our team of leading technical specialists, with real world experience, can deliver against a broad portfolio, whatever the sector. Whether the core offering is ICT or technology enabled products and services – our understanding in software, AI, big data, IoT, telecoms and digital applications is unrivalled.

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Our offering to you

We support the investor community through specialist technical due diligence to:
• De-risk investments
• Increase potential for higher yield returns
• Enhance understanding of technology and benchmark against global state of the art
• Provide context for market share predictions
• Future proof the technology and validate exit strategy
• Identify added value from technology bridges into complementary tech-enabled markets
• Assess the technical capability of the company’s team to deliver against forecast

Our services are flexible, to suit your specific needs, and can be delivered in degrees of complexity both pre-investment and post-investment:

Pre-investment technical summary

Technology Review

Technology Audit

Full technical due diligence

Pre-exit health checks



Subject: Innovate UK R&D Grant Funding
Recommended to The Filter by its VC partner, MSC R&D was able to demonstrate its grant expertise and knowledge of machine learning.

Subject:LEP Business Growth Programme Grant
Needing capital investment to boost manufacturing capacity, it was a logical step to use MSC R&D, their incumbent R&D Tax Relief service provider.

Subject:R&D Tax Credit Claim – SME
The client had not previously submitted R&D Tax Credit claims as it was sceptical as to whether it was eligible and concerned about the complexity of the legislation.


Subject:R&D Tax Credit Uplift and Compliance – SME
The client had previously submitted R&D Tax Credit claims via its accountants, but was concerned that, due to the complexity of the legislation, it might not be fully compliant.

Subject:Development of Prototype SMART Grant Funding
The client wished to undertake a revolutionary development project which was complex and not fully defined at the outset.

Subject:Collaborative R&D Grant Funding
The client’s project required funding by the Technology Strategy Board’s Metadata competition – a complex two-stage collaboration process with a high failure rate.

Subject:R&D Tax Credit Claim – SME
The client had previously submitted R&D Tax Credit claims via its accountants, but was concerned that, due to the complexity of the legislation, the claims may not be fully optimised or compliant.


Subject:R&D Tax Credit Claim – SME
The client had previously submitted R&D Tax Credit claims using a specialist, but felt that the process had been unnecessarily complex, expensive and not as extensive as it should have been.

Subject:R&D Tax Credit Claim – SME
The client felt that it had received little guidance and poor value for money from it usual auditors when undertaking a previous application for R&D Tax Credits.

Subject:R&D Tax Credit Claim – SME
Prior to working with MSC R&D, Mintec MD Ivor Peska was very sceptical about R&D Tax Credits

Subject:Horizon 2020 – SME Instrument Phase 2 Grant
The client wished to accelerate the development of their Open Payments Ecosystem OPE through successfully applying for a Phase 2 SME Instrument grant.

Subject:R&D Tax Credit Claim – SME
Having reverted to submitting their own R&D Tax Credit claim via their accountant, the client found this approach to be unsatisfactory for a number of reasons.


John Hourihan
Chief Executive / Goodridge Ltd

Client 3

We’re specialists ourselves, operating in very focused markets, so it’s important our suppliers and partners are focused as well. A major benefit of going through this exercise was that, although all the data we needed did exist and was held across many areas of the company, as a result of this process, it’s now become a lot more organised than it was previously.

Ivor Peksa
MD / Mintec

Client 2

Our  financial  control  and  project  management  was  relatively  solid  prior  to  the  first  R&D  tax  day.  Knowing  what  was  required  for  the  next  one  ensured  that  there  was  never  an  excuse  to  backslide  on  good  record  keeping.  It’s  been  a  pleasure  to  work  with  MSC  -  on  R&D  Tax  Relief  and  also  on  Innovation  Grants.  They  are  efficient,  professional  and  responsive.

Alex  Mifsud
CEO  / Ixaris

Client 1

EU  grants  are  notoriously  hard  to  get,  even  for  the  most  innovative  of  projects,  so  it  was  great  to  have  the  depth  of  understanding  offered  by  MSC  R&D… without  MSC  R&D  it  would  have  been  incredibly  difficult  for  us  to  know  exactly  how  to  put  our  case  for  funding  so  that  it  met  the  stringent  requirements  of  the  EU  Commission.