Experts who speak your language

MSC R&D delivers a wide range of solutions to a wide range of clients. Our ability to deliver consistently high quality results is due to our ability to draw from our extensive team of over 30 MSC R&D Accredited Associates – experts in their field, and fully trained in the MSC R&D Team Way processes and methodologies.

Our Associates all operate within the MSC R&D ‘Results Based Culture’, ensuring they are totally focussed on delivering results within the shortest possible timescales, minimising our clients’ risk and cost.

Supporting our Associates are a number of Contracted Partners (e.g. Patent Lawyers) who provide specialist support when required, ensuring we can address every client requirement.

Associate Accreditation

Every MSC R&D Associate has to undergo a thorough accreditation process before they can be accepted into our team. This includes:

  • Submission of detailed CV
  • Fluid Intelligence Testing (GIA)
  • Personality Profiling
  • Emotional Intelligence assessment
  • Interviews
  • Competency tests in their field of expertise.

If they pass through all these stages successfully, they will be asked to sign the appropriate Associates Agreement.

Our Associates

Principal/Lead Analysts (PLAs)

Experts in their own fields, but with extensive experience in most aspects of business, PLAs act as project manager when delivering team based solutions to our clients.

PLAs have an eye for detail, a passion for business excellence and a commitment to project completion on time and to budget.

All our PLAs have broad based business backgrounds, primarily in the high technology and manufacturing sectors

Financial Analysts

Technically, all our financial analysts are fully qualified certified, chartered and management accountants, all with business experience and able to translate finance-speak into plain English.

The work they produce is accurate, precise, relevant and above all, easy to understand.

Comfortable and confident operating at all levels including board level; our financial analysts have experience covering multinational manufacturing to local accounting firms.

Tax Analysts

The rapid expansion of MSCs R&D Tax Relief business has led to a number of our financial analysts becoming specialists in this area.

Our tax specialists live and breathe the HMRC R&D Tax Relief Manual (CIRD), producing detailed, optimised and fully compliant submissions.

Their experience and knowledge of MSC R&D and our client base gives them a head start in understanding our clients’ businesses, and ensuring all qualifying activity is included in submissions.

Marketing Analysts

Developing a new product or service is half the issue. Being able to exploit its market potential profitably is equally as critical, and that is what our marketing analysts understand and are trained in.

Each of them has many years experience planning and implementing sound business strategies for large and small companies. They will have worked in sales, marketing and business development.

Whether it is a detailed business plan, or a strategy to successfully launch a new innovation, our marketing analysts can apply the appropriate processes and thinking, and in plain English as well.

Technical Analysts

With doctorates, masters degrees, and even a professorship to add to their names, our technical analysts are highly qualified, incredibly experienced professionals.

Their knowledge of systems architecture, design and development, advanced engineering and electronics is unparalleled, enabling them to add real value and direction to our clients’ businesses.

And techno-speak and jargon isn’t all our clients hear. Our technical analysts have the rare ability to present technical information in a way we can all understand and appreciate.

Technology Sector Experts

To complement the main analyst roles within MSC R&D, we have a number of technology sector experts. These are people with very specific skills and experience who are authorities in their particular area.

These areas include HR systems and processes, European funding, HMRC tax operations, the healthcare sector, and Intellectual Property commercialisation and exploitation.

Examples of our Associates’ qualifications

  • FCA
  • CFPA
  • Phd in Computer Sciences
  • BSc in Applied Physics
  • BA in Public Administration
  • MBA
  • MA in Natural and Electronic Sciences
  • PHD in Natural Sciences
  • BEng in Electronics
  • BSc in Management Sciences

Examples of our Associates’ industry and academic experience

  • Unipart Group – automotive aftermarket
  • Applied Chemicals – specialist chemicals
  • TBA Textiles – high performance textiles
  • ENG holdings – IT maintenance
  • Plessey Telecoms – telecoms
  • Head of department of Computer Science – Sheffield University
  • Associate Lecturer – Sheffield Hallam University
  • Hyperion Systems – systems consultancy
  • eLoki – e-learning consultancy
  • Nettonics – network modelling consultancy
  • Codemafia – consultant to games manufacturers
  • EDS – Systems
  • Cometa Games – games manufacturer
  • Ferranti – Systems
  • Security Centre – enterprise security software
  • Leyland Trucks – automotive
  • BMI Healthcare – health
  • Scott Paper – paper
  • W R Grace – specialty chemicals
  • HMRC
  • NHS
  • Westwind Precision Air Bearings – manufacturing
  • Esterline Corporation – Aerospace/Defence
  • Excellon Automation – PCB