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Business is about People – only the best should do!

Continuous innovation is the lifeblood of technology SMEs. However, managing concurrent R&D projects whilst ensuring your core business continues to run smoothly can be very challenging to most companies, both in terms of funding and resourcing. Poor recruitment decisions can be costly.

The decision on whether to employ new people, outsource activities to sub-contractors, or to employ interim resource, will impact on:

  • the quality of the R&D project;
  • the speed at which the project is completed;
  • the total cost of the project when taking into account the potential tax implications (e.g. when claiming R&D Tax Credit relief, only a certain percentage of subcontractors’ costs can be claimed).

Whichever route you take, being able to rely on the right people who have both the required skills and behavioural characteristics is key to maximising your RoI in R&D.

MSC R&D has the expertise to help you plan and resource your innovation strategy, to maximise results and minimise costs. Our services include permanent and interim recruitment support and HR analysis.

HR Strategy

MSC R&D’s HR Strategy Planning services enable a company to evaluate its current organisation, match it against its future requirements and develop achievable plans to fill existing and potential future gaps.

MSC R&D’s HR Strategy services cover:

  •  Full Team Audit
  • Competency Appraisals
  • 360 Appraisals
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Continuous Professional Development Programme for each employee
  • Team Gap Analysis
  • Role Identification and Profiling
  • Job Descriptions
  • HR Outsourcing

Permanent Recruitment

MSC R&D believes a business is only as good as its people and “good people” are like gold-dust. Over the past 20 years MSC R&D has developed its own rigorous and extensive recruitment process to ensure the appointment of the highest quality candidates for both its own Analysts and for Clients.

Human Resources should be a strategic position of any company, having a major impact on the future growth and forward planning of any business.

MSC R&D believes a “right first time” approach must be applied to the recruitment of any role as evidence shows the cost of failure and re-recruiting can be as high as 2.5 x salary.

MSC R&D’s recruitment process is objective, robust and rigorous allowing our clients to make highly objective and facts based decisions.

The MSC R&D Process

Our process has been designed to be web based which significantly reduces the cost of recruitment eliminating travelling expenses and reducing any potential waste of valuable client time.

For larger scale assessments and full team audits, an MSC R&D practitioner can make an onsite visit if required (please call for a quote).

Background checks

MSC R&D carries out all the standard checks and verifies all qualifications with the awarding bodies. Existing restrictive covenants are investigated and any health checks arranged.

Full HR Analysis

MSC R&D uses web enabled, cloud based assessments to establish personality profiles, measure fluid intelligence and gauge emotional intelligence. These assessments give a picture of an individual’s personality traits, the rate at which they can learn and how self-aware they are of their own behaviour and the effect it has on those around them. Another tool in the portfolio enables MSC R&D to work with the client to profile the existing vacancies and match the profiles to the individual applicants.

Additionally, profile assessments of the existing team and of any direct reports or line managers will increase the level of “best fit” for candidates.

Competency Assessments

In addition to the personal assessments, MSC R&D has a suite of technical, financial and management competency tests which are also based in the cloud. The tests have been designed by industry experts to quickly reveal the individual’s level or lack of capabilities.


MSC R&D can also undertake pre-screening video interviews adding an extra dimension to the process.

Team Audit/Culture

The full range of assessments from an individual personality profile to an entire team audit including technical competency tests can be carried out by MSC R&D experts as a guide to identifying areas of non-conformance within any business. Team fit can very difficult to get right and it can be even harder to identify where it has gone wrong. These objective assessments can pinpoint areas that need attention and enable management to plan corrective actions.

By using the MSC R&D “best practice – business excellence” process, MSC R&D clients can be assured that any recommended short-listed candidates will be “best fit” in terms of skillset, academic background and qualifications, personality, experience, soft skills and match to their business culture.

The selection/recruitment process is the same whether the requirement is for a permanent or interim position.

Interim/Project Management

MSC R&D is also a dedicated provider of Interim and Project managers with a unique sector focus specifically aimed towards the High Technology, IT, Telecoms, Biotech and Electronics sectors.

MSCIL Interims are highly experienced senior executives, with a proven track record within high technology industries, all of whom have attained MSC R&D Accreditation through our rigorous and unique appointment process, providing our clients with the knowledge and confidence that they are thoroughly tested and vetted.

All MSC R&D quality accredited resources have an e-portfolio demonstrating their capabilities and competencies. Visit our website www.msc-interims.co.uk for more information.

Non-Executive Engagement

MSC R&D delivers a wide range of solutions to a wide range of clients. Our success in delivering consistently high quality results is due to our ability to draw from an extensive team of over 30 MSC R&D Accredited Associates, Mentors and Market Sector Specialists – experts in their field, and fully trained in the MSC R&D Team Way processes and methodologies.

These experts are also available to work with clients in a Non-Executive capacity, providing objective and knowledgeable additional input  to a client’s management team.

HR Analysis

MSC R&D can also work with you to apply our processes to your existing resource for appraisal or internal review purposes.

  • Personality Profiles
  • Fluid Intelligence Assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Appraisals
  • Role Definitions


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