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We are a facilitator as opposed to a traditional consultancy, delivering tangible benefits instead of documents. This is reflected in the fact that the majority of our fees are success based.

  • “MSC’s experience means that they quickly established what we should have claimed, giving us the peace of mind that any errors had been corrected. We will be using them for future claims.”

    Gayna Hart, Managing Director, Quicksilva

  • “MSC’s deep understanding of the R&D Tax Credit scheme ensured we were able to maximise our claim with total confidence that we were in compliance with the HMRC rules. Ever changing rules and regulations mean we will continue to receive value from using MSC for all future claims.”

    Dylan Evans, Finance Director, Star Computers Limited

  • “The experience and expertise of the MSC team were an invaluable part of achieving this funding. Articulating and presenting the commercial benefits, the technical approach and the financial and project planning is essential. But more than that, our work with MSC laid the foundations for a project that we have been able to deliver and execute with absolute clarity and that has been a huge success for the company.”

    Jonathon Shaw, Managing Director, Doctor Communications Solutions

  • “The MSC team helped us put a great proposal together.  Besides the obvious benefit of the funding, we also developed a deep working relationship with a group of industry leaders.  Furthermore the project turned out to be a fantastic success - a year after the end of the project we have gone to market with a transformational proposition.”

  • “The innovative methodologies employed by MSC proved highly effective....within a software environment, it is critical that innovative concepts can be developed and brought to market as quickly as possible, and MSC's approach certainly enabled us to move forward rapidly and gain a significant advantage over our competitors.”

    Paul Ellis, MD Wax Digital

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