Accountants – Partnering with MSC R&D can help your clients and help you build your practice.

At MSC R&D we know that accountancy firms have differing needs and are often looking for ways to offer even more comprehensive and expert services to their clients

MSC R&D offers a flexible partnership proposition for accountants: a value added tailored service to deliver practical, operational, commercial and technical benefits.

We believe this is a Win-Win relationship, one built on trust and complementary skills, which will deliver revenue and profit benefits for you and your clients.

The issues your clients are facing

The R&D Tax Credit scheme is one of the most attractive in the world with tens of thousands of SMEs now claiming, and take-up will continue to grow as the Government drives to achieve its R&D expenditure targets (2.4% of GDP by 2027).

The average SME claim is now over £50,000.

However, with this growth comes increased scrutiny by HMRC to ensure claims are accurate and compliant and that companies are not abusing the system.

Certain types of claim are now being categorised as high-risk and especially those which are high value. Software claims, in particular, have been identified for more detailed review, with HMRC strengthening its expertise in this field.

Understanding what is a high-risk claim and how best to deal with it requires experience and a sound methodology. The rules can be complex – for example, how to deal with Externally Provided Workers (EPW) costs related to connected companies, or how double taxation relief affects a R&D claim.

Therefore, clients aren’t just ‘buying’ a claim, they are buying ‘claim quality’ – achieving this means that an advisor must have deep technical knowledge and a rigorous quality process.

Many clients automatically assume their R&D Tax Credit claims are best handled by their accountant believing they themselves can provide the technical input. However, without an in-depth understanding of what potential R&D activity may or may not fit within the context of the legislation, ‘claim quality’ can be at risk.

In addition, whilst R&D Tax Credits are a vital source of R&D funds for a company, your clients may also be eligible for (but not realise) other forms of R&D Tax Relief and innovation funding, including Patent Box, Capital Allowance and R&D grants.

Why Partner with MSC R&D?

Partnering with MSC R&D can help your clients and help you build your practice.

We are unique with over 25 years’ experience of supporting business with R&D funding and business growth services – we live and breathe R&D.

We are well established, with our finger on the pulse of R&D funding and support, actively working with organisations such as TechUK, Innovate UK, CBI, FD Centre, BVCA and The UK Business Angels Association, as well as many leading academic institutes.

Our technical and financial experts each have decades of experience across a broad range of industries, and an in-depth knowledge of the R&D Tax Relief schemes’ legislation and processes.

Our ISO9001:2015 accreditation guarantees detailed proven processes and quality management.

Working with you

How we help your clients:

  • We fully scope all business activities to identify the full range of benefits and reliefs available
  • We safely maximise claim value, based on our experience and our quality-related compliance process
  • We provide specialised support to assist with any ongoing HMRC enquiry
  • We minimise a client’s time investment by preparing, on their behalf, all related claim documentation
  • We can provide discounted fees based on our relationship with you

How we help you build your business:

  • We can provide technical advice and support regarding a wide range of innovation related benefits, including R&D Tax Credits
  • We can help you secure new clients by providing a free-of-charge ‘eligibility assessment’
  • We can minimise your claims preparation time by preparing, on a client’s behalf, all related cost analyses (or compensate you/your client for the process support you do provide)
  • We can also provide a detailed Claim Summary document which helps you adjust relevant Tax Computations and prepare the CT600
  • We can also provide valuable ‘CPD’ training regarding R&D Tax Credits and other sources of innovation funding

Processing over 250 claims a year, we have a proven track record of success. But don’t just take our word for it – look at what some of our clients say:

If you would like to find out more about the MSC R&D Partnership proposition and how it can benefit you, then please contact us on 0114 230 8401