What have The Simpsons and successful R&D Tax Credit claims got in common? – they are both written on two levels – for two audiences.

MSC R&D attended the 4th Supercharging the Digital Economy conference, run by techUK, in Manchester on 6th November.

Of the R&D Tax Credit claims made to date in 2017-18, over 12,000 were made by companies within the ICT sector.

In the run up to Teresa May’s first Brexit Deal a “UK Shared Prosperity Fund” was mooted as a replacement for European Union structural funding worth about €2.4 billion per year.

HMRC has recently published its latest set of statistics for R&D Tax Credit Claims – including full year 2016-17 data and partial 2017-18 data. Here is MSC R&D’s take on them.

MSC R&D is delighted to announce that it is sponsoring the Excellence in Innovation Award at the British Quality Foundation 2020 UK Excellence Awards which will be held at 8 Northumberland Place, London, on June 4th 2020.

MSC R&D were delighted to launch our exciting new award at the recent FD Centre conference – The MSC R&D Client Impact Award.

The Prime Minister announced £1 billion in funding for new efforts to tackle the Climate Emergency prior to the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations in New York. During the UN General Assembly, the Prime Minister was meant to have committed £1bn in funding for UK inventors for high-tech initiatives in fields […]

R&D is about turning money into knowledge – Innovation is about turning that knowledge into a successful business model. That is why successful innovators not only look to create technology disruption, but also customer experience disruption.

When it comes to R&D Tax Credits, rather than attempting to prepare their claim themselves, many companies use their accountant or an advisor. WHY do you do this? – because you perceive, rightly so, that R&D Tax Credits is a complex area requiring both technical expertise and an in-depth understanding of the rules in order […]