KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER PARTNERSHIP as the most effective route to innovation!

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) have been helping companies innovate and grow in the UK for the last four decades – but there are still many businesses yet to explore the huge benefits it can deliver.

Part-funded by a grant, the KTP scheme supports UK companies to engage with universities and recruit highly motivated research associates, whilst gaining access to academic knowledge, market intelligence, technology and expertise not available in-house. KTPs enable businesses to bring in new skills and the latest academic thinking to deliver an innovation project through a knowledge-based partnership. This leads to improved performance, productivity and competitiveness.

Monika Dabrowska, the KTP Specialist at MSC R&D, is working directly with businesses to access the scheme and connect them with the right academic partners: “With subsidised access to university research and facilities, KTPs provide opportunities for companies to forge long-term, strategic relationships with world-class academia.”

Partnerships can cover any sector and any discipline where there is a need for additional expertise and resources. “The remit for KTP projects is wide and includes building robust autonomous robots for compact warehouse applications, embedding knowledge for the effective management and use of information, development an underwater acoustic expertise as well as a new security solution using biometric technology”, says Monika.

Through the programme, research associates work on projects at companies with the university supervision for one to three years to generate new products, develop markets, improve operating processes and systems or increase sustainability.

MSC R&D has been supporting technology companies for a quarter of a century to understand their specific needs and develop innovative products and services. With an extensive knowledge in obtaining KTP grants and well-established relationships with many UK universities and research organisations, MSC R&D connects businesses with the right academic partners.