The Key to Successful Investments

Banks, Venture Capitalists  & Private Equity companies.

Are you seeking to:

De-risk technology investments?

Increase potential for higher yield returns?

Enhance understanding of a company’s technology and benchmark against global state of the art?

Provide context for market share predictions?

Future proof technology and validate exit strategy?

Identify added value from technology bridges into complementary tech-enabled markets?

Assess the technical capability of a company’s team to deliver against forecast?

Clarity and understanding of an organisation’s software engineering, architectures and software methodologies is critical when making investments in technology enabled sectors.

MSC R&D’s Technical Due Diligence services deliver this clarity and understanding.

MSC R&D provides ‘pre-investment’ support to third parties (e.g. Banks, VC’s, Private Equity companies, etc) who themselves require clarity and understanding of an organisations software engineering, architectures and software methodologies when engaging with ICT companies.

MSC R&D are BVCA members who have been supporting innovation and technology development in high growth, knowledge-based businesses since 1990. Our team of leading technical specialists, with real world experience, can deliver against a broad portfolio, whatever the sector. Whether the core offering is ICT or technology enabled products and services – our understanding in software, AI, big data, IoT, telecoms and digital applications is unrivalled.

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