EU Exit and European Structural and Investment Funds in England

A recent note from the “managing authority” (DWP) on the current Government undertaking:

In November the UK reached an agreement with the EU on a proposed deal for our departure from the EU. The proposed deal comprises two elements – the legal text agreed covering the Withdrawal Agreement, and a political declaration that outlines the framework for the future relationship between the UK and the EU.

Delivering this deal remains the Government’s top priority and our best ‘no deal’ mitigation.  However, the Government’s continued duty is to prepare for every eventuality, including a ‘no deal’.

For European Structural and Investment Funds, the Government has already guaranteed the full 2014-2020 allocations, which provides assurance to UK beneficiaries in the event of a no deal scenario and ensures stability for UK organisations post EU exit.

The Government’s technical notices outline the UK’s preparations for a no deal scenario and how this may impact upon applying for EU funded programmes. Technical notices for the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the European Social Fund (ESF), the EU Rural Development Programmes and the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes (ETC) are UK-wide and can be found at:

It is important to recognise that the guarantee means that, even in the event of a no deal by end March 2019, UK organisations will continue to receive funding to deliver projects up to the full value of the England ESI Funds Growth programmes. This will protect jobs and continue our strong track record in delivering local growth, skills and inclusion activities.

Organisations therefore should continue delivering projects that have been agreed and can look to apply for funding with confidence that the funding guarantee applies even if there is no negotiated agreement between the UK and the EU.

Further updates to the technical notices will be published as appropriate setting out our plans in more detail. If you have any enquiries about the ERDF or ESF technical notices, please contact