Use your business’s strengths to optimise your funding strategy

What funding sources are available to my business?

How do I protect capital growth whilst acquiring the resources necessary to implement my R&D strategy?

How can I maximise my chances of being successful when applying for funding for my R&D strategy?

If you are asking these questions, then you should talk to us!


In fast moving technology sectors, companies need to be able access funding when they need it, at the lowest cost and with the minimum disruption to their day-to-day business activities.

Equity funding has a strong role to play in certain businesses at certain points in time and most businesses seek to achieve a mix of both debt and equity financing. A business that has secured equity will tend to be looked upon more favourably by lenders.

However, equity financing has its disadvantages, primarily the need for the founders to sacrifice some control and share of the business, reducing the potential for future capital growth. It also can be a very expensive and time-consuming process. Equity funds should be considered strategically when in a position of strength, to minimise the dilution of the business.

Non-dilution funding (i.e. funding without relinquishing shares) can be a realistic and achievable alternative to equity funding. Loans from lenders and banks add value without diluting equity, allowing you to fund the next step in your company’s growth path to success while maintaining your stake in the business.

The overall cost of loan repayments plus interest charges can be considerably lower than the potential cost of a stake in the business handed over to equity funders.

Which are the main funding products?

MSC R&D’s in-depth knowledge of the lenders active in the technology sector enables us to offer our clients the widest range of funding products, to match differing funding requirements.

Government Guaranteed Bank Loans

Government loan guarantees eliminate the default risk to the lender by shifting it entirely to the government, enabling the borrower to obtain much more favourable loan rates.

LEP Capital Investment Grants

These are for small and medium sized businesses who will use the funding for capital investment in fit-out and refurbishment of buildings, plant, machinery and equipment.

Debt Finance

There are two main types of capital; debt and equity. Debt finance is usually a loan secured on an asset or personal guarantee

Loans without Personal Guarantees

Loans with no personal guarantees are becoming increasingly available across all types of loans

Crowd Funding

Crowd funding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people

‘Innovate’ Loans

Introduced at the end of 2017 by Innovate UK, these are loans to UK based SMEs for science and research projects

Asset Finance

Asset financing is the use of a company’s balance sheet assets, including short-term investments,inventory and accounts receivable to acquire a loan

Advance Loans against R&D Tax Credit claims & R&D Grant approvals

R&D reliefs support technology companies investing in Research & Development. These can attract advance payments before final approval.


MSC R&D’s funding success is achieved through our combined proficiency within both the financial services and technology sectors. We can build a complete understanding of your R&D business, to match lenders from our diverse pool of resources to different funding requirements and to formulate propositions that will provide all the answers to the questions that the banks and lenders are going to be asking.

With the majority of our fees based on results, MSC R&D take the pain and risk out of obtaining funding.

Track Record

We have raised over £180m in R&D based funding over 20 years and developed an extensive funding network, enabling us to secure the best deals.

Client Base

Our R&D client base; built on the strength of word-of-mouth referrals and the ability to nurture long term relationships, boasts some of the UK’s most innovative companies, all in high-technology sectors. Many of these companies have worked with us on a number of projects over a number of years

Talking Your Language

Our teams of highly experienced technical, financial and commercial specialists can drill deep into a client’s business and ask the right questions


Our ‘Fast-Track Blitz’ processes produce results within the optimum time scales

Minimum client impact

Acting as our client’s partner we take the lead role in discussions and negotiations, presenting technology propositions in a way that funders understand, and minimising the impact on your time.


Our range of services can be tailored to meet your requirements

End-to-End Support

We are unique in that we can support you throughout the entire innovation life cycle

Minimised Financial Risk

The majority of our fees have a significant ‘Paid-on-Results’ element.

Quality Assurance

We are ISO9001 accredited and European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Committed to Excellence (C2E) 2 Star Certificate – with detailed proven processes and quality management.


MSC R&D’s approach ensures that we can access the best deals, maximising the value of potential funding, and delivering it in the shortest possible timescales.
Starting the process with a short but intensive business review which results in a clear action plan, our team uses its knowledge and experience to fast track the Funding Process.To ensure we identify the most appropriate business funding solutions for our clients, MSC R&D follows a proven process:

  • Business Review – Due Diligence
  • Strategy Scenarios
  • Business Growth Funding Options for each Strategy Scenario
  • Tax Planning
  • Business Plans – Business Growth Strategy
  • Engage in discussions with Potential Funders
  • Negotiate with chosen Funders
  • Obtain Business Funding


If your R&D strategy requires funding, then contact us now to discuss how best we may be able to help you.


“Having used MSC R&D for several years to do our R&D Tax claims, I was already familiar with their very efficient processes and aware of their expertise in grant funding. It therefore made total sense to use them to help us apply for this grant. Without doubt MSC significantly enhanced our chances of success.“
Robert Johnson MD of Richard Alan Engineering Ltd