Hear it from the Horse’s mouth

“Thank you for all your efforts especially within the timescales. There is no comparison between this report(s) and those submitted previously by our accountants, the quality, narrative and explanations of your claim are in another league.”

This is a new client where their accountant had originally done and submitted their R&D Tax Credit claim and HMRC had booted it out, resulting in endless communications and face to face meetings.

MSC R&D were asked to intervene and review the claim and give the client the benefit of our in-depth knowledge of the R&D Tax Credit scheme. Following this initial review, we were confident that there was scope for significant improvement and formally engaged with the client.

The claim submitted by the accountant was – to put it mildly – a mess, so we started from scratch, agreed an extension with HMRC and resubmitted within very tight timescales.

Maybe your R&D Tax Credit Claims are consuming a lot of time and expense as you are either struggling to make a claim yourself, or your accountant is managing the claim, and you are having to provide the complex technical input yourself for the claim.

Many companies assume that their accountants are best placed to handle their R&D Tax Credit claims. However, although their accountants may be doing their best on behalf of their clients, they are not experts in this area and many fail to understand the complexity of the legislation,

This can result in a lot of the work having to be done by the company rather than the advisor, and result in a claim that is either limited, inaccurate, or even non-compliant with HMRC requirements.

You may then of course also receive a hefty bill from the advisor!

MSC R&D are experts in R&D Tax Credit Claims – Our Team Way Approach delivers the optimum results with the minimum impact on your time.

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