European photonics as a key funding priority?

Photonics is the science and technology of generating, guiding, manipulating, amplifying and detecting light.

A vision paper ‘Europe’s Age of Light’ published by Photonics21 sets out a new strategy for the future of European photonics highlighting this technology as a key funding priority. The document outlines how leadership in photonics will deliver wide-ranging benefits by 2030 including transport, health, food and job creation.

Photonics is behind many innovations which have helped to transform our lives in the last few years. Lasers, optical fibres, cameras in our phones, LED lighting in our cars, homes, computer screens and TVs are just a few examples of how photonics has changed technology and affected our daily lives.

In 2030, European factories will be fast, green and flexible. Photonics technology, including lasers, sensors and 3D displays, will revolutionise industrial production and working environments, making manufacturing more innovative, cost-competitive and resource-efficient. Mobility will be based on multimodal transport where driving will be automated, connected and electric to maximise safety, efficiency and comfort. Photonics provides essential components, systems and production tools for all aspects of connected mobility, from driver assistance and traffic monitoring to photonics-based IT and telecommunications.

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