LIFE grants to support a greener future

The LIFE Programme (the Financial Instrument for the Environment), managed by the European Commission, has recently launched its 2018 call for project proposals investing EUR 397 million in nature conservation, environmental protection and climate action.

LIFE provides applicants with flexibility to innovate by supporting projects that are either tackling climate change, or protecting nature and the environment. The Programme is structured in two sub-programmes:

  • The sub-programme for climate action covers three priority areas:

LIFE Climate Change Mitigation

LIFE Climate Change Adaptation

LIFE Climate Governance and Information

  • The sub-programme for environment covers three priority areas:

LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency

LIFE Nature and Biodiversity

LIFE Environmental Governance and Information

Applicants for funds will score higher if they address thematic priorities such as removing water pollutants through natural retention areas, developing better ways of sorting and recycling plastics, or measures backing the EU Emissions Trading System. The LIFE Programme is interested in promoting projects whose results are sustainable, transferable and clearly offer EU added value.

Working on an innovative solution to an environmental or climate challenge? MSC R&D can support your business in preparation a LIFE grant application minimising your time commitment and maximising chances of success.