Creating an Expert Business Model by working together.

More and more accountancy firms are recognising the benefits of working with specialist R&D Tax Relief companies, as this adds value to their clients and enhances their overall proposition – resulting in increased customer acquisition and improved customer retention.

Many clients automatically assume that, as R&D Tax Relief contains the word Tax, it must be an accounting issue. However, the majority of the claims process requires a technical context and understanding. Without this technical knowledge and, as importantly, understanding of how it relates to the context of the complex R&D Tax legislation, it is very unlikely that claims will be fully optimised and supported in the case of an HMRC enquiry.

Access to highly qualified technicians with experience, for example, in software development or advanced manufacturing, rather than relying on the client to cover the technical side, could eliminate missed opportunities and avoid creating grey areas in terms of responsibility and accountability for the claim.

Why Partner with MSC R&D

Whilst many ‘Specialists’ just apply a similar accounting-based process, adding little technical input to the process and can justifiably be seen by accountants as competitors, MSC R&D are very different.

We have over 25 years’ experience supporting R&D focussed businesses with a unique range of strategic, integrated R&D funding and business growth services – we live and breathe R&D.

Targeting the ICT, Manufacturing, Transport and Energy sectors, MSC R&D can offer you, the accountancy firm, a range of complementary services that represents a business opportunity to you, not a business risk.

It may also be that you, depending on your range of services, can add value to our clients.

The benefits we can bring to your clients and the reassurance we can give you with regard to R&D Tax Relief include:

  • Technical and financial experts each with decades of industry experience and an in-depth knowledge of the R&D Tax Relief legislation and process – we can talk the client’s language. In fact, one of our consultants wrote the Rule Book!
  • Quality assurance – ISO 9001 accredited with detailed proven processes and quality management.
  • Optimised Claims – enhancing customer satisfaction whilst ensuring full compliance
  • Full compliance – Detailed technical reports identifying all eligible projects and full financial audit trail, providing full visibility to HMRC.
  • Paid-on-Results – no risk for the client
  • Fast-Track-Blitz approach – minimum impact on your client’s time and rapid processing of claim – money to client faster and referral fees to you faster.
  • Track record – c500 successful claims.
  • Referral fees for the lifetime of the client.
  • Portfolio development – assistance in identifying potential clients for R&D claims
  • Referral opportunities for other MSC R&D services such as R&D grant funding and Technical Due Diligence.


We recognise that accountancy firms may differ in their needs and therefore offer flexibility in how we can partner with you.

Referral Partnership

We do all the work and pay you a referral fee or reduce our fees to your clients’ accordingly. The choice is yours.

Strategic Partnership

You play a bigger role in the pre-qualifying and selling in of our services – in return for a higher fee.

Technical Partnership

MSC R&D provides the technical support and you do the financial element of the claim. We share the fees.


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