If you want to innovate and grow your business…

Where do you find funds to support a qualified employee?

Which university has the expertise you look for?

How can you build the long-term relationship with academia?

Do you need research facilities?

MSC R&D helps you answer all these questions!


The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) scheme links businesses with a university and a research associate to work on a specific project, which will enable companies to innovate, grow and improve performance.

The KTP scheme, part-funded by a UK government grant, supports UK companies in engaging a qualified research associate and gaining access to academic expertise that is not available in-house. A KTP will enable your business to bring in new skills and the latest academic thinking to deliver a specific, strategic innovation project.

Each KTP is a three-way partnership between:

  • a UK-based business of any size or a not-for-profit organisation;
  • an academic or research organization such as a university, college or research and centre of excellence in the UK;
  • a suitably-qualified research associate, with the capability to lead a strategic business project.

What are the benefits of KTP to your business?

Start a strategic relationship with the university

Access to:

  • University skills and targeted expertise to take your business forward
  • High-calibre, highly-motivated research associate to innovate your business
  • World-class university facilities that are not available in-house

Increase profits, knowledge and capability

  • Develop new and innovative products and processes
  • Achieve significant cost savings for innovation projects
  • Increase your competitive advantage and profitability
  • Up-skill and retrain your staff
  • Develop and maintain potential employees


MSC R&D has a well-established relationship with many UK universities and research organisations across the country.

With a unique team-based “fast-track Blitz” process and paid-on-results approach, MSC R&D increases the chances of success whilst minimising your time commitment and effort required to meet and make a KTP application.

Track Record
25 years experience in successful bid writing
Talking your language
Our teams of experienced technical and commercial specialists can drill deep into a client’s business and ask the right questions
Our ‘Fast-Track Blitz’ processes can help you prepare and submit applications within the optimum time scales
Our range of services can be tailored to meet your requirements
Minimum client impact
Acting as our client’s partner we can take the lead role in discussions and negotiations, presenting your requirements in a way that academia understand, and minimising the impact on your time.
Minimised Financial Risk
The majority of our services have a significant ‘Paid-on-Results’ element, and all projects undertake a rigorous pre-qualification process.
Quality Assurance
We are ISO9001 accredited and European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Committed to Excellence (C2E) 2 Star Certificate – with detailed proven processes and quality management.
Additional R&D Funding Services
We are specialists in R&D funding and commercialisation, offering a wide range of services including R&D Tax Relief and R&D Grants.


MSC R&D supports your business in:

  • Finding a suitable academic partner to provide the expertise you need;
  • KTP proposal writing – MSC R&D undertakes to prepare a KTP application, provide guidance, support in negotiations with the university, manage required meetings with a Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Adviser and/or academic partner;
  • Recruiting Profile service – MSC R&D provides assistance in the actual recruitment process of and/or additional services of a research associate.

What next?

To find out more about how Knowledge Transfer Partnerships can ignite innovation in your business, do not hesitate and contact us today.