Horizon Europe – more than just the three pillars

As well as supporting the three key pillars – Open science, Global challenges and Open Innovation – Horizon Europe will also support research and innovation through several other budget allocations and action lines including:

InvestEU provides public and private financing; in the form of loans, guarantees, equity or other instruments, to support Research and Development strategy. With an EU contribution of €15.2 billion, InvestEU will mobilise funds exceeding €650 billion in further investment.

EU cross-policy support engages other funding instruments for Research & Innovation.  Projects successfully evaluated under Horizon Europe will be eligible to be funded at regional level through European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF).

The new European Defence Fund, with a budget of €13 billion, will offer grants for collaborative projects addressing the future defence and security needs of Europe.  While there are similarities with the US DARPA, the aim is to adapt the support for breakthrough technologies to the “European context”.

The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor, with a €6 billion budget, will test the feasibility of fusion as an energy source.

A new Digital Europe Programme, with €9.2 billion will boost investment in high-performance computing and data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and advanced digital skills. The programme will promote the large-scale deployment of digital technologies across economic sectors and public services.

Poorer member states are to benefit from a €2.1 billion fund dedicated to research and innovation; €1.7 billion of the fund is for ‘sharing excellence’ and €400 million for reform of the Research & Innovation system.