What next for Innovate UK?

An extract from Dr Ruth McKernan’s foreword to the 2018/19 Report & Accounts

“What next?

In 2018/19, we’re moving forward as part of UK Research and Innovation. We will continue to work on ISCF competitions in partnership with the 7 research councils, funding and supporting efforts in the Grand Challenges of artificial intelligence and data, clean growth, the future of mobility and ageing society.

We have restructured our sector teams to reflect this new focus on the ISCF and the Grand Challenges, while our core funding will be delivered through our open programme. New challenge directors will be responsible for our work in these areas. Meanwhile, business will continue to benefit from co-funding through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme.

We will be implementing an improved governance and performance management approach to ensure the Catapult network plays a full role in catalysing innovation.

Our new innovation loans pilot will continue through to 2019. We’ve launched this new model for funding because innovations need different types of funding support to scale up and grow. These loans, we believe, will be most useful for innovations near to market.”