Developing Digital Roads and Improving Air Quality (Feasibility Study and Development or Pilot, 2 Phases): SBRI Competition

Funding opportunity:

Developing Digital Roads and Improving Air Quality (Feasibility Study and Development or Pilot, 2 Phases): SBRI Competition



Funder and programme:

Highways England – Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI)


Up to £ 75,000 (Phase 1: technical feasibility)
Up to £ 1,000,000 (Phase 2: prototype development & evaluation)



Registration closes:

01/05/2019 (12:00 noon)

Competition closes:

08/05/2019 (12:00 noon)

Highways England is investing up to £20 million across 2 parallel competitions to develop innovative ideas and solutions. These must change the way UK roads are designed, managed and used and must not have already been demonstrated on the strategic road network in England.

This is a 2-phase Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition. It is for projects where feasibility has not yet been proven (low technology readiness level (TRL)).

Phase 1: technical feasibility

Up to £2 million is available in Phase 1 for projects to develop feasibility studies. Projects will be awarded up to £75,000, including VAT, per project lasting up to 8 weeks.

Phase 2: prototype development and evaluation

This second phase involves research and development (R&D) contracts being awarded to successful applicants eligible to apply from Phase 1. Up to £6 million is available for the whole phase with a view to producing a prototype. Projects will be awarded up to £1 million including VAT.

For innovations where feasibility has been proven (mid to high TRL), you should apply for the single phase competition.

This competition will cover 6 themes:

  • Design, construction and maintenance;
  • Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs);
  • Customer mobility;
  • Energy and environment;
  • Operations;
  • Air quality.

Total costs of up to £75,000, including VAT, are expected for each project in Phase 1 and up to £1 million, including VAT, for Phase 2.

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