GSTP De-Risk 2017/18 Call

Funding opportunity:

GSTP De-Risk 2017/18 Call



Funder and programme:

UK Space Agency and European Space Agency (ESA) – General Support Technology Programme (GSTP)


Up to € 200,000





Grants of up to €200,000 per company have been organised by the UK Space Agency and European Space Agency (UKSA) as a new way of applying for funding for technology developments under ESA’s General Support Technology Programme (GSTP).

This new route to GSTP funding allows those interested in the programme to propose a project for development in their area of interest directly to UK Space Agency and ESA. In turn the Agency will be able to fund some of these new ideas straight away, and it is hoped continue discussion on other promising ideas with a view to future development.

The new funding is aimed at smaller ‘entry level’ projects, both upstream and downstream, capable of de-risking technologies.

This funding opportunity is in addition to existing GSTP project opportunities and activity in the UK, and does not affect other engagement with the programme.

This Call excludes any activity proposals targeting opportunities in the Satellite Telecommunications value chain.

Please note that UK-led collaboration with German companies is permissible within this Call.

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