Industrial Fuel Switching Competition Phase Two

Funding opportunity:

Industrial Fuel Switching Competition Phase Two



Funder and programme:

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) – BEIS Energy Innovation Programme


Up to £ 300,000 (Phase 2, Feasibility studies)

Up to £ 7,500,000 (Phase 3, Demonstration studies)



Registration closes:

21/01/2019 (17:00)

Competition closes:

04/02/2019 (17:00)

The Clean Growth Strategy highlights the need for industry to begin to switch from fossil fuel use to low carbon fuels such as biomass, hydrogen and clean electricity. Beyond 2030, the switch to low carbon fuels for industry will need to substantially increase in scale.

BEIS has launched the Industrial Fuel Switching Competition, being run as a 3-stage Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI, i.e., pre-commercial procurement) process, which allocates up to £20 million to stimulate early investment in fuel switching processes and technologies, so that a range of technologies are available by 2030 and beyond.

Element Energy successfully bid for Phase 1 which aims to understand the potential for industry to operate on low carbon fuels and the innovation required to enable this to happen.

Phase 2 of the competition is now open to applications and will fund up to £300,000 for feasibility studies looking into developing technologies (Technology Readiness Level 4-7) to enable the use of a low carbon fuel for a particular industrial process or across an entire site.

Contracts for Phase 2 are expected to be signed in March 2019, and projects are expected to run for 5 months and be completed by July 2019.

Funding for Phase 2 is split equally into two lots, each with total budgets of £1.5 million allocated to it:

  • Lot 1: Development of a specific fuel switching solution or associated technology;
  • Lot 2: Development of an approach to fuel switching for a single site or multiple sites.

Contracts for Phase 3 are expected to be signed in September 2019, and projects are expected to run for 17 months and be completed by 31st March 2021.

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