Targeting Information to Protected Land Managers and Developers: SBRI Competition

Funding opportunity:

Targeting Information to Protected Land Managers and Developers: SBRI Competition



Funder and programme:

GovTech Catalyst – Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI)


Up to £ 50,000 (Phase 1, feasibility study)

Up to £ 500,000 (Phase 2, prototype development & testing)



Registration closes:

19/06/2019 (12:00 noon)

Competition closes:

26/06/2019 (12:00 noon)

This is a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition. The aim of the competition is to investigate how technology can deliver better-targeted information and advice to managers and developers of protected land. Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is looking for solutions which allow users to ‘test’ proposals for changes they are considering against:

  • sensitivities or opportunities related to the protected area;
  • opportunities to improve nature in the wider area;
  • any constraints on taking the proposal forward such as mitigation measures, etc.

Where negative effects are likely, SNH would like to investigate how users could try different mitigation methods based on the data held on them. These should avoid or minimise any likely negative effects, increasing the likelihood the proposal will be approved.

This is Phase 1 of a 2-phase competition. Phase 2 is dependent on the success of this phase.

In Phase 1, projects are expected to range in size up to total costs of £50,000, including VAT, for each organisation.

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