Protecting your IP – MSC R&D practices what it preaches

If you don’t register your trademark, then someone else can. This immediately puts your business and any product or service development you are undertaking at risk.

Registering a trademark avoids unwelcome change, builds value and appropriately protects a business against competition.

MSC R&D’s mission, delivered through our 4 Pillars strategy, is to help technology businesses maximise their RoI in innovation. A key element of this is identifying, protecting and exploiting IP. Our expertise enables clients to do this via a range of services including IP audits and strategy, Patent Box and end-to-end support in developing and implementing the optimum commercialisation strategies.

It is therefore essential that MSC R&D is seen to practice what we preach, and we have taken steps to trademark our brand name and logos (MSC R&D) and two of our key ‘unique’ business practices, Team Way and Blitz Day, across all relevant classes of services or products.

Our business practices are what makes us stand out from the crowd and future blogs will cover these in more detail.