The Key to Successful Investments

Are you seeking to:

De-risk technology investments?

Increase potential for higher yield returns?

Enhance understanding of a company’s technology and benchmark against global state of the art?

Provide context for market share predictions?

Future proof technology and validate exit strategy?

Identify added value from technology bridges into complementary tech-enabled markets?

Assess the technical capability of a company’s team to deliver against forecast?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is YES, then you should talk to us!


Clarity and understanding of an organisation’s software engineering, architectures and software methodologies is critical when making investments in the technology, media and telecoms (TMT) and technology enabled sectors. MSC R&D’s Technical Due Diligence services deliver this clarity and understanding.

MSC R&D provides ‘pre-investment’ support to third parties (e.g. Banks, VC’s, Private Equity companies, etc) who themselves require clarity and understanding of an organisations software engineering, architectures and software methodologies when engaging with ICT companies.

MSC R&D also provides independent technology reviews on behalf of companies themselves.


MSC R&D are BVCA members who have been supporting innovation and technology development in high growth, knowledge-based businesses since 1990. Our team of leading technical specialists, with real world experience, can deliver against a broad portfolio in TMT – software, AI, big data, IoT, telecoms and digital. Our understanding is unrivalled.

Track Record

Our R&D client base boasts some of the UK’s most innovative companies, all in high-technology sectors and we have raised over £180m in funding, facilitated by leading edge innovative R&D projects.

Expert Teams

A key element for our success is ensuring we put the right expert team together for every assignment that we deliver – to match their expertise in systems architecture, design and development to the technology.


Our processes ensure that the work is undertaken quickly and efficiently and the result is a precise report of the highest quality – easy to understand and to extract the key findings from.


Our range of services can be tailored to meet your requirements

Minimum client impact

Our team approach and our proven ‘Fast-Track Blitz’ methodology ensures the minimal amount of disruption to your clients.

Quality Assurance

We are ISO9001 accredited and European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Committed to Excellence (C2E) 2 Star Certificate – with detailed proven processes and quality management.

Additional portfolio support services

In addition to our Technical Due Diligence services, we provide technology companies end-to-end innovation support with a range of strategic, integrated R&D funding & business growth services, including:

  • R&D Funding
    • R&D Tax Relief & Planning
    • UK & European Grant Funding


We support the investor community through specialist technical due diligence to:

  • De-risk investments
  • Increase potential for higher yield returns
  • Enhance understanding of technology and benchmark against global state of the art
  • Provide context for market share predictions
  • Future proof the technology and validate exit strategy
  • Identify added value from technology bridges into complementary tech-enabled markets
  • Assess the technical capability of the company’s team to deliver against forecast

Our services are flexible, to suit your specific needs, and can be delivered in degrees of complexity both pre-investment and post-investment:

Pre-investment Technical Due Diligence summary

Technology Review

The focus will be a ‘fast track’ review. MSC R&D will begin this engagement by becoming familiar with the business as a whole and then casting this information into the various technological sections of the organisation.  MSC R&D will engage through a series of ‘face to face’ meetings, interviews and discussions so that the technological framework of the organisation is well articulated and documented. This is a quick turn-a-round (within 3-4 weeks from instruction to proceed) delivering a review of the software background of a company and its people. Steps 2 to 5 below are the critical activities within this engagement as this will provide the foundation of the organisations ICT environment.

Technical Due Diligence Review: Key areas to be considered

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Overview of software architecture/operating system
  3. Assessment of system robustness & scaleability
  4. Assessment of system extensibility/adaptability
  5. Assessment of system support/risk factors
  6. Development & management processes
  7. Recommendations for future actions in development/support of the system

Technology audit

Where pre-investment or addition investment is a significant value this audit would include all of the points raised within the Technology Review above or could be a natural follow-on from the Technology Review. This is an in-depth ‘evidenced based’ audit into the various technological and market relevant sections of an organisation. This engagement will provide the foundation and future outlook of the organisations ICT environment so that its technological framework is well articulated and documented. The MSC R&D methodology will address all ICT systems and processes assigning priority to any ICT risk areas identified, providing the opportunity to make appropriate adjustments.

Technical Due Diligence Audit: Key areas to be considered

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Business Overview
  3. Technology Platform & Architecture
  4. Platform Readiness & Scalability
  5. Development Processes & Tools Sets
  6. Technology Road Map & Future Architectural Advances
  7. Innovation & IP
  8. Management and Risk Processes
  9. Management & Technical Development Skill Sets
  10. Testing Environment & Service Support
  11. Analysis through SWOT
  12. Subcontractors, Partners & Collaborators
  13. Security & Penetration Testing
  14. Product & Process Documentation
  15. Legislation & Compliance

Full technical due diligence

Pre-exit health checks 

“MSC’s technical due diligence provided useful insight into the software investment, particularly with regards to process and people where several potential improvements were identified.”
James Livingston. Partner, Foresight Group

“Our Technical Due Diligence partner MSC R&D has again provided valuable insight during the investment process and assisted our decision making. MSC’s technical expertise and efficient process produces thorough, informative and excellent value for money results”
Daniela Tsoneva, Assistant Director, Calculus Capital

“Our technical due diligence partner MSC R&D has provided valuable insight during the investment process, demonstrating the Oak product suite to be best in class. Excellent value for money”

Alex Marsh,  Investment Manager, Maven Capital Partners

What should I do next?

We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your portfolio and how we might support you. If this is of interest to you, please call us or email